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Lanzarote landscapes

Why choose us?

Why choose Lanzasurf?

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Surf school - Quality of coaching
Sunny weather - Lanzarote Endless Spring
Low Cost of Living & Direct Low-Cost Flights

10 reasons to surf in Lanzarote

Why Surf Lanzarote
1 Perfect waves all year round

Perfect waves for all levels of Surfers. There is never a lack of waves in Lanzarote, this is why it is nicknamed the Hawaii of Europe.

2 It is always spring

In the Canary Islands there is no winter or summer. The temperature always varies between 28 and 15 degrees. The sea, Lanzarote waters always varies between 23 degrees in summer and 17 degrees in winter. There is guaranteed sun the whole year.

3 Appreciated destination

Because it is a small and safe island, Lanzarote specially has become a popular destination amongst famous people such as the King of Spain (Juan Carlos), ex-president of Spain (Zapatero), a UK minister and the famous Spanish actor Jon Cortajarena.
On the island, due to the abundance of light and landscapes, a few famous films were recorded, such as Broken Embraces (Almodóvar) or In the Heart of the Sea (Ron Howard).

4 In the Canary Islands, there are no dangerous animals

On land there are rabbits, lizards and hedgehogs and a few others. In the sea there is a lot of life: fish, turtles, dolphins, small whales, sharks: hammers, porbeagle and angel sharks, with no record of attacks.

5 Accommodation by the sea with the best price

Lanzasurf will help you find accommodation on Famara beach with the best price. We have our own SurfHouse.
We offer shared rooms and private rooms so you can enjoy an incredible and inexpensive surf vacation.

6 Everything is close by

The island from north to south, by car it takes 1 hour to cross it.
Car rental is very cheap and recommended. Lanzasurf can also help you find the car for your stay from 127 euros for 7 days.

7 No matter how much you imagine, you will be surprised

Lanzarote is a small island full of volcanoes, natural pools, beaches, aboriginal history and rich foods and delicious seafood.

8 Disconnect from your day to day life

It is a very clean, visual and sound island, with a feeling of a lot of space, freedom and spaciousness.

9 Magic spots

On the island there are several tourist spots to visit, the Timanfaya volcano park, Jameos del Agua, Mirador del Rio, Cueva de Los Verdes, the Gulf and many other wonderful places and corners that will make you relax and recharge with new energy. Cesar Manrique was a god for Lanzarote, for his concern in preserving the island and not overcrowding, respecting nature with masterful architecture.

10 Biosphere reserve

In Lanzarote there are many protected natural parks such as Famara, Timanfaya National Park, Chinijo archipelago…